5 December 2019

IDEC SANTE has just started work on a huge project for CHIESI in La Chaussée-Saint-Victor (Loir-et-Cher). The subsidiary of the IDEC GROUP specialising in the construction of property projects for those involved in the health, life sciences and cosmetics sectors stood out with their technical ability and know-how, their use of BIM in every phase, the investment made by their teams and their final competitive offer as they came up against six rival bids. We talk to Franck VILIJN, Head of the CHIESI site in La Chaussée-Saint-Victor, who tells us about this strategic project for the pharmaceutical group, which started out in Italy.

A strategic project for CHIESI

CHIESI, a firm specialising in the development, manufacture and sale of aerosol inhalers and powders used to fight against respiratory complaints has trusted IDEC SANTE with the design and construction of an extension to their production site in La Chaussée-Saint-Victor. “This latest project focuses on the extension to a manufacturing unit for medical aerosols,” explained Franck VILIJN, Director of the CHIESI factory. “This modification to our facilities aims to cope with the development of the CHIESI Group, by securing the supply of medicines from all our markets and working at the same time to deal with a growth in our business.”

Full support from IDEC SANTE

IDEC SANTE was chosen to carry out this large scale project, which aims to double the firm’s production capacity with a 5400 m² extension. “It was a unanimous decision to choose IDEC SANTE to work with us on this project with our partner PHARMAPLAN and the Italian and French teams at CHIESI,” added Franck VILIJN. “After a call for tender with six high class rival bids, IDEC SANTE stood out with its technical and technological know-how. The use of BIM during every step of the project, its team’s commitment and the final very competitive offer were the main reasons why we came to this decision.”

Two local firms for an exceptional project

Whilst the fact that IDEC SANTE and the CHIESI factor in La Chaussée-Saint-Victor were close to each other geographically was not a deciding element in this decision to work together, this new large-scale project representing a total investment of 50 million Euros, ultimately creating around fifty jobs is something that the Italian pharmaceutical firm is proud of. “The CHIESI production unit in La Chaussée-Saint-Victor is continuing to develop and has become one of the main strategic sites for the group. This is a big success story that we are achieving with the teams from IDEC SANTE, who already built two extensions to our site in the past,” declared Franck VILIJN. “This is a huge success for both companies, who have the capacity, motivation and desire to see the economic development of our local ecosystem. This is an asset for our local, regional and national partners.”

Reassuring for the changes at IDEC SANTE

The evolution from PHARMADEC to IDEC SANTE at the start of the year is reaping its benefits with this successful bid. “Winning the contract for this project illustrates perfectly the change in direction at IDEC SANTE which can rely on its synergy with the other subsidiaries of the IDEC GROUP, such as IDEC,” explained Tony MORAIS, Managing Director of IDEC SANTE. “This involves uniting the strengths developed over the past twenty years with our logistics clients, which has seen IDEC become a leader in its market with the use of BIM, R&D, Quality control and Maintenance,” added Tony MORAIS, who is also managing Director of IDEC. This element was in fact one of the key features, which explains why CHIESI was awarded the contract, as Franck VILIJN explains. “We understood the importance of this change from PHARMADEC to IDEC SANTE with the strength of combing our ability with IDEC, making the most of its technological support, while maintaining our previous teams in place with their unrivalled know-how. This cross company approach weighed heavily in the balance, as did BIM and our measures in favour of hygiene, safety, the environment and quality.”

A new era for IDEC SANTE

With the signing of this new contract, IDEC SANTE has taken another step in its development. “The success of this project is largely down to the changes at IDEC SANTE, where we stress our ability to carry out large scale projects using the experience of everyone in the PHARMADEC company, which has now become IDEC SANTE,” explained Tony MORAIS. “This project will be key in taking up the challenge at CHIESI with the desire to adopt the health, safety and environmental standards in the framework of its B-Corp certification obtained last May and its goal of being certified LEED EB.OM Version 4.1 by 2023.”      

35 months of workx

This project, which is due to start in the coming days, will require work from the IDEC SANTE teams for almost three years. “Running this highly technical project will involve a special team dedicated to it for 35 months,” added Tony MORAIS. “Special arrangements will be put in place to fit in with a site that continues to operate throughout. We plan to make several phases of the project available in advance in 2021. The final handover of the keys once the pharmaceutical approval has been given is scheduled for June 2022.”


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