3 July 2019

IDEC SANTE, expert in the design and construction of turnkey projects for those involved in the health, life sciences and cosmetics sectors, has just been entrusted with work by SGS France to update its facilities in Saint-Benoit (86). This highly technical project aims to deal with the growth in the business of the company which specialises in biological tests and will require 19 months of work.

An investment of almost 4 million euros

SGS, the world’s leading group in the area of quality control and bioanalysis for those involved in the biological and pharmaceutical sectors, relied on IDEC SANTE to design and build its facilities in Poitiers. This site occupied by the Life Science Services division of SGS France works with those in the pharmaceutical sector on the development of new medicines. They have experienced a lot of growth which meant they needed an extension and the reorganisation of their facilities. This project required an investment of almost 4 million euros leading to new staff being hired and the installation of new equipment.

A turnkey project with full support

The IDEC SANTE teams worked with their client from the start of the project with a turnkey offer. Work between the two firms began with a master plan for the site aimed at drawing up the basic changes required and their timetable. IDEC SANTE then relied on its in-house design team to come up with a made to measure project, based around the equipment, flows and SGS France’s industrial requirements, before handing over the building work to its site managers and engineers.

Extension and reorganisation of a lab block

This extension and modernisation project will focus on the reorganisation of around 1100 m² of labs in successive phases. At the same time, two new buildings will be erected including a 2-storey building measuring almost 900 m² for offices, the reception area for samples and chemicals. They will also be working on the external area with the creation of a new car park area.

6 phases for the work

In order to be able to carry out this work while the site is up and running, the teams from IDEC SANTE chose to divide up the construction and reorganisation work in six phases. This method also means various parts will be made available and occupied immediately by SGS who will get them into use. Work has just begun with the final handover scheduled for January 2021. It will take 19 months of work to build and reorganise the lab buildings.

Trust IDEC SANTE with your property projects

Like SGS France, trust your health, life sciences and cosmetics building projects to the IDEC SANTE teams. Their fifty members of staff work hard each day to give advice, design and build all sorts of health facilities and industrial pharmaceutical and cosmetics sites. Specialists in equipment and flows, architects, BIM Managers, Environmental and energy engineers, Experts in clean rooms, Building economists and the building workers… everyone is committed to ensuring the success of your project.

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