1 February 2018

PHARMADEC, the designer and builder of turnkey projects for those involved in the life sciences and well-being has just completed the construction of the new facilities for CEBIPHAR in Fondettes (Indre et Loire). This new laboratory block will allow the company specialising in the development and analysis of pharmaceutical products to keep up with its growth, as its president, Éric PETAT, explains.

How the project began

“The start of the project was in fact quite simple,” explained Éric PETAT. “The TERANGA Group, our family group acquired CEBIPHAR in 2014. We quickly saw that it was going to be necessary to invest in new premises, in particular because of the continuation and development of the firm’s microbiological business, as well as the traditional sectors. It was hard to image this development in the premises we have been using until now.”

Designed by PHARMADEC

Starting out from a blank sheet of paper, the teams in the PHARMADEC study department worked in close collaboration with CEBIPHAR to come up with a realistic project. “PHARMADEC’s ability to take into account the financial and technical requirements for the client enabled this project to come about,” explained Yves TAYEB, General Director of PHARMADEC. “In spite of a tight budget, we were determined to do what was necessary taking into account the real needs of our client. The amount invested was in this case an important consideration. So we applied the principle of ‘not to much, not too little,’ to enable this project to be carried out.”

Delivered three months early

After working on the design, the teams at PHARMADEC managed the construction of this laboratory block. It is based around several different areas dedicated to analytical development and the control of pharmaceutical and veterinary products. A washroom, storage area and offices were also required in this project. The first floor was handed over without being fitted out, leaving CEBIPHAR the possibility of increasing its capacity at a later date. In all, it took six months of work to build this project, or three months less than planned in the contract.

A successful joint effort

Éric PETAT took possession of his new premises a few weeks ago and is delighted with the work done in conjunction with the teams at PHARMADEC. “I have been completely satisfied ever since the start. From the launch of the project to its construction and early completion, everything was always well organised, clear, open with a site manager that we all appreciated. Four factors lay behind the success of this project in my opinion: the advice, the willingness to listen, the open discussions and the true professionalism of the teams at PHARMADEC.”  


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