19 December 2017

PHARMADEC, which specialises in the design and construction of buildings for those involved in life sciences and well being, has been working alongside COSMETIC VALLEY on the creation of a guide to good practice to ensure quality of life in the workplace. This work created in partnership with an engineering school and an HR expert was presented to the public last week.

A historic link between COSMETIC VALLEY and PHARMADEC

We have been in a long term relationship with COSMETIC VALLEY,” explained Yves TAYEB, General Director of PHARMADEC. “This work together goes back around fifteen years between the President of the IDEC GROUP, Patrice LAFARGUE and Jean-Luc ANSEL, Founder and current General Director of COSMETIC VALLEY.” PHARMADEC logically agreed to work alongside this special business cluster to develop a guide to good practices. A strong presence in the work group led to this work being created, as Marc-Antoine JAMET, President of COSMETIC VALLEY explains. “We needed to look at this question from a wide range of professions. We are an industry comprising technological and production process experts and building specialists. The IDEC Group and PHARMADEC brought us their vision to allow us to get to grips with everything at stake.”

Quality of life in the workplace: a lot at stake

COSMETIC VALLEY has to deal with all the elements involved in innovation and performance. These two elements make us the leader in the sector. Quality of life in the workplace is thebreeding ground that allows everything to flourish,” added Marc-Antoine JAMET. “If you turn up for work with butterflies in your stomach, you can never achieve your goals.” This thought echoes that expressed by Yves TAYEB: “It is important for us to construct buildings where people feel good at work. That is how firms develop and make good products, which sell well.”

Concrete measures put in place by PHARMADEC during the construction of its projects

This guide to good practices includes 23 files developed around seven major themes and offers a hundred pieces of advice to improve the quality of life in the workplace. The measures concerning the workplace environment fit in with what PHARMADEC does alongside its clients. “The men who will be working in the buildings we have designed and built must be our central concern, including when we integrate Good Production Practices,” explained Yves TAYEB. “As soon as we draw our first sketch, we are thinking about the men and women who will be working in the building. It needs to be developed around those working there. One of the best ways to reach that goal is to apply a joint design policy. This concept encourages discussion and establishes close links between the client’s teams and those working for PHARMADEC.”

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