How PHARMADEC relies on digital technology to work alongside its clients (2/2)

17 May 2017

Pharmadec, designer and builder of turnkey programmes works alongside those involved in life sciences, cosmetics and health to develop their projects. To improve the management of their operations and guarantee the best possible building standards for their clients, Pharmadec relies on a number of digital tools.

At the same time as using tablets on building sites for monitoring and managing the projects, our supervisors and works engineers rely on the cloud, which offers instant access and management  of documents and automatic distribution to all of those involved.

From the very start of a project, the work team draws up a good practice guide for all those using this tool, chooses who exactly to join up and establishes a hierarchy to manage the project and do the work.

“Throughout the project, the firms and Pharmadec can upload plans and documents to the platform. After that, I take a look, analyse things and give my approval with added notes and a list of elements to reconsider when required. This operation continues until everything is in place and there are no reservations,” explained Jérémy, works manager for Pharmadec.

“This tool which I have at my disposal every day means I can be efficient in monitoring the work and the various tasks that are being carried out in conjunction with the sub-contractors thanks to automatic e-mail messaging. Apart from being a management platform, it’s also an area that we can use to share and discuss things, making it easier for all those involved in a project to communicate with one another thanks to the fact that documents are instantly updated and available. This means Pharmadec and the firms working at the site save a lot of time.”

This tool also offers support to our teams in managing the various phases in the large projects we are involve in. As with the extension and modernisation project for Lehning Laboratories, (a specialist in the manufacture and sale of homeopathic and herbal medicines) on which Jérémy and the Pharmadec teams are currently working.

Find out more about Pharmadec and the engineering arm of the IDEC Group. Please contact us for any other information or to talk about any construction projects or modernisation programmes (production area, laboratories, clean rooms, logistics and admin areas).

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