How PHARMADEC relies on digital technology to work alongside its clients

6 April 2017

Pharmadec, which specialises in the design and construction of turnkey projects for those involved in the health sector and in cosmetic, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, relies on several digital tools to improve its work methods and manage its relationship with clients and ensure the quality of its constructions.

In the stages leading up to the handover of keys for a project, our work engineers and supervisors use software to monitor the work on touch screen tablets, which they have with them in their work each day.

 “Before the completion, I enter all the data about the project: the design plans, the various elements (technical, architectural, shell, etc.) and the relevant sub-contactors,” commented Maxime, Works supervisor for Pharmadec.

“After that, I can easily see on the tablet any questions that have been raised and how they link into  a particular area in the design plan, the type of building work (ceiling, floor, etc.), the area concerned (electricity, painting, etc.), the relevant firm and what exactly needs to be changed. I can also take a photo and add in an arrow or drawing.”

“At the end of the campaign, that allows me to get an overall picture of what has been going on. All of the firms involved in the project can access this via the web platform to see the details that concern them, which are indicated on the plans and relevant photos… and this can be exported in Excel or pdf format. That means they can identify features themselves and solve any problems that have been raised, before I carry out a thorough check to ensure everything has been respected, so that the building can be signed over to the clients.”

“This tool, which I have with me at the construction site, is efficient, easy to use, professional and modern,” added Maxime, who recently signed off a quality control lab for Aspen that the Pharmadec team had been working on.

This saves time and makes project management easier for the teams in charge of the work. This solution greatly enhances communications and leads to a fast response from the firms working on the building site.

Above all, our clients are the first to benefit from the advantages of this way of working with buildings completed fully respecting the time framework in our turnkey contracts. They too have access to this software up to one year after the handover of the new premises to make it easier to monitor guarantees and promises in conjunction with Pharmadec.

See what other work we have done with those in the health sector, the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries and all about Pharmadec’s work. Please contact us for any additional information or to discuss any building projects or modernisation projects for your business units (production area, laboratories, clean rooms, logistics and admin areas).

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